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Treatment of Poisoning Cases

We have been dealing with the cases of poisoning since the inception of this hospital.

Cases Handled

We have been dealing with all types of poisons. The most commonly seen are organophosphorous, organochlorines used as insecticide spray over crops and aluminium phosphide ( Celphos ) used as fumigant to store grains. A few of the other poisonings that we have come across are due to barbiturates, diazepam, methaquinolone, imipramine, tri-imipramine, nitrazepam, paracetamol, copper sulphate, anti mosquito mats & coils, sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric acids, nitrites,caustic soda, petrol, phenyl, naphthalene, paraquat, potassium cyanide, glass, mercury, zinc sulphide and other rhodenticides, malathion, DDT, BHC, anti lice preparations, methyl alcohol, talcum powder, kitchen gas, carbon monoxide, scorpion bite, bites of snakes of different varieties with different presentations etc. While treating patients of poisonings we are routinely dealing with arrhythmia’s, shock, changes in acid base balance, haemopoetic changes, heart failures, ARDS (adult respiratory distress syndrome), multiple organ failure, septicemia, DIC, ventilatory failure renal failure etc.


Our ER has all modern state of the art hi-tech equipment like Siemen’s ventilators,cardiac monitors, defibrillators, NIBP, infusion pumps, alfa beds, central oxygen supply and Boyel’s apparatus etc. 24 hours CCTV and central monitoring of patients and staff is done to ensure alertness.


About 90% of organo-phosphorous and 60 % of Aluminium phosphide (celphos) poisonings are saved. We have the best possible survival rate due mainly to specially trained and efficient staff, standardized treatment plan .

Poisoning First Aid

Poisoning is caused by swallowing, injecting, breathing in, or otherwise being exposed to a harmful substance. Most poisonings occur by accident.
Immediate first aid is very important in a poisoning emergency. The first aid you give before getting medical help can save a person’s life.
» Seek immediate emergency help or call the nearest emergency health service in your area.
» Position the victim on the left till medical help arrives.
» Check the patient’s breathing.
» Open all the doors and windows.
» If the patient vomits, take steps to prevent choking
» If the heart stops, give the victim CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).

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